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"Roses & Bows, Florist & Gift Shop has been a part of our community for nearly 30 years. My husband and I bought the shop in August and moved it to a bright new location less than a block away from the previous location. We are now located at 11015 Olson Dr. next to Dr. Spainhower in the KP International Marketplace. We have worked diligently to bring personal gift giving back and strive to provide outstanding customer service and floral designs that bring your visions to life. Several years ago I enrolled at the Floral Design Institute in Portland Oregon. I took their beginner, advanced and bridal specialist courses. After that, I freelanced from home for a few years. Every year, around Valentine’s Day, my husband would say to people “what do you get your wife for Valentine’s day when she already has flowers around all the time.” So one year, he solved the problem. Upon returning from one of my courses in Portl and, my husband surprised me with the opportunity to buy a local shop. Now he says, “most men buy their wives flowers for Valentine’s Day, I bought my wife the whole darn shop!!! Owning and operating this shop has been a culmination of everything I’ve done in my life. I’ve always enjoyed doing anything artistic. I truly love to make beautiful things. I have many years of project management experience which helps with managing the day to day tasks as well as long term projects like weddings and events. I love everything about flowers and arranging. From the amazing color, textures, and fragrances to the way they make people feel. Regardless of someone’s mood or situation, a beautiful arrangement of flowers nearly always puts a smile on their face. My favorite flowers are gardenias, orchids, and snapdragons. Our business is built on energy & enthusiasm, sprinkled with copious amounts of glitter and bling! It’s infectious! We have an amazingly talented and energetic team who are excited to help our customers bring their floral visions to life. Our team is the most amazing part of the business. Customers are the bread and butter, but without our awesome team, we wouldn’t eat! My husband, John, is not only co-owner and delivery guy, but the rock that keeps me going. We’ve been married for 23 years and I thoroughly enjoy having him by my side all day every day. Nothing is better than being surrounded by the love and dedication of our team and the beauty and fragrance of our gorgeous flowers."

Roses & Bows Grand Opening Car Show

“This is the Challengers Car Club of Sacramento. The owners of Roses and Bows, John and Elaine, are good friends of mine. I’ve known John for many years and when he asked me to bring the cars over for the grand opening I said sure thing! My name is Dave, Ed is the president of the club, and we also have Tony, Dennis, Mel and Shannon. We’re pleased to be a part of the celebration today.”


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