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Meet Tom, from Madison Ave Florist

“I started in the floral business as a young man.  I worked for a gentleman, Ed Jacobs, who years ago owned Madison Florist on Auburn Boulevard. When I went to college I worked for Cities Florist.  I came back to the floral business in 2010, bought a closed flower shop, and named it Madison Avenue Florist.
   "People always wonder why I carry three cell phones.  There is always some action going on in the flower business.  Our formula for success:  make your customer happy, so they will tell somebody and come back again."

  “Because my previous career was in delivery, I always thought, wouldn’t it be great if you do something that you could make and deliver–that way you can get both ends of it.  Little did I know the challenges of that but my dreams came true.  I deliver my own product."

    “Let me also add that along the way of pursuing my business dream, I have fufilled my even higher dream of marrying Margo, my wife and best friend.  Margo is the love of my life! [Tom and Margo are pictured on the cover.]     
    “As a Real Local Florist (an organization of brick and mortar florist shops), we’re able to do anything 24/7 for you.  We don’t lock up our doors and be done for the day.  If you have an after hours floral emergency-and we have had several of them-give us a call.”
   “People come in for flowers and then are amazed when they see our extensive plant line, both blooming and green plants.  I go down to Half Moon Bay to pick these up."

   “You’ll want to see our plush wildlife compound.  Our snow leopard is very popular.  We also keep a kangaroo, several large bears, a large panda and a giraffe.  Ours is the best selection of plush of any shop in town.  We also stock Cuddle Barn, which are moving-singing plush animals.  Plush is just a really nice added gift component.
    “We are very proud of our Rocky Mountain line of chocolates.  It’s a great presentation.  Unlike some of the larger chocolate manufacturers, Rocky Mountain chocolate is very colorful.  We love selling it because we know it is super high quality chocolate.  For those of you who want to give your best love a treat, you’ll want to try these.  Our customers love them.

“Being a part of our customer- family means that you don’t have to worry about the flowers. Your flowers will be there on time and they are going to last.  It’s all going to happen here.”

“We’ve seen a number of customers who use us for their daily floral needs. They also come here for anything from sympathy to weddings- the circle of life in the floral industry. We’re part of your family."


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4900 Madison Ave
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