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         remont Flowers is an iconic business in the South Bay Area. Focused on quality
in product and design, the full service retail florist features flowers for all of life’s occasions. With daily delivery service to the South Bay Area, you can depend
on Fremont Flowers to convey your sentiments for any occasion. As we like to say, Fremont Flowers helps our community bloom . .. in more ways than one!


Established in 1956, The Lorenz family is well known for continuing a tradition of outstanding service and quality product selection servicing the entire South Bay Area. Additionally, the family believes in a philosophy of giving back to the community that has supported their family business for over 60 years.
Dirk Lorenz bought the flower shop in 1983 and since then, the shop has become well known for its work in the community. Dirk is a member of the local Rotary Club and Chair of the Fremont Festival of the Arts, He is committed to the community that supports the family business.
In addition to Fremont Flowers, the family also operates Bay Area Wholesale flowers. Unique to the area, Bay Area Wholesale offers bulk floral product to the do-ityourselfer! DIY brides use the facilities at Bay Area Wholesale to create their own bridal flowers. Bay Area rents design tables and cooler space to hold the DIY florals until needed. Bay Area also offers design classes where the novice as well as the advanced student can create floral bouquets. They also rent out vases, stands, candleabras and decor for special events and weddings. Look to Fremont Flowers and Bay Area Wholesale for all your floral needs.

Our Team

Giving Back

Welcome Teacher's Day​​​​

     On Tuesday, August 29th, Fremont Flowers and Bay Area Wholesale welcomed 1500 elementary school students to our store for a FREE bud vase to present to their teacher on the first day of school (Wednesday, August 30th). This good gesture is designed to help educate our elementary school children how to show appreciation to teachers with the gift of flowers on the first day of school. One flower bud containing a Gerbera Daisy with a matching teacher welcome card was presented to each of the students who visited our store between 9 AM and 5 PM on Tuesday, August 29th, 2017.  There were also many additional giveaways. Fremont Flowers and Bay Area Wholesale owner Dirk Lorenz feels strongly that teachers are heroes. Throughout Dirk’s life, teachers helped form his character and establish the basis for being a successful individual and one who cares deeply about our community. Dirk says, “In a small way, Welcome Teacher’s Day helps to convey our appreciation for our teachers as we welcome both teachers and students back to school!” For additional information or sponsorship opportnities, please visit our webpage at: www.welcometeacherday.com​​
Maria Gives an Insider's Perspective
[On Why Flowers]​​ “I love flowers because they make people happy. When you see the faces of the people when they pick up the beautiful floral piece that we created it makes it all worth while. Who doesn’t want flowers-they are appropriate for any occasion. “I really love getting to know the trends every year. We go to different
seminars always trying to learn what’s new and what’s coming in. I have the opportunity to work with a lot of great designers, that’s how I got my experience.”
[Romance] “What I would recommend
is to just find out what the person
likes. I particularly love the roses, but
people also like freesia, tulips, gerberas,
stargazer lilies, and orchids. If they
don’t know what they want, we always
suggest a mixed bouquet of flowers so
they can get a variety.
“A lot of people think roses are
something she loves, but that may not
necessarily be true. We had this one
guy that wanted tulips for his girlfriend’s
proposal. I told him tulips are nice
but they are kind of short. I suggested
we incorporate other flowers, so we
ended up giving him those wedding
spirit roses and made a huge wrapped
bouquet. The roses were on the outside,
and the tulips were in the middle and he
had a little note inside that he was going
to propose. It was very romantic!”

[On Weddings] “We just did a wedding for one of our students. It was elaborate with off whites, soft pinks, golds-it was beautiful. The flowers we used were hydrangea, roses, ranunculus, peonies, and star gazer lilies. Also we used wedding spirit roses which are amazing; they are big like a garden rose but almost like a peony. It comes in light pink, white, and creamy colors. This year pink is the color. I bring them in on a regular basis.”
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